Nowadays, everything is simplified by the digital era. We have not been left behind.

At Sanitas, are always looking for ways to improve how our clients get insurance policies. One of those ways is through online health insurance.

As a popular health insurance in Spain, we have to increase our efficiency to help you get a cover that suits you without neglecting some factors.

So Sanitas online health insurance will assist you to contract one of our insurance policies without having to deal with the hassle of coming to our offices and waiting in lines. 

To get you started with your Sanitas Health Insurance:

1. Sanitas Product

Choose a Sanitas product that you feel is what you want. This will be dictated by the activities you are involved in, your budget, and your preference on the different insurance covers.

2. Age and Zip Code

Next, you will need to fill in your age and zip code in order to get a monthly quotation on the chosen insurance package.  As you are aware, there are different centers where Sanitas insurance is effected and being close to one will reduce the stress of paying more.

3. People insured

From there, you will need to add the people insured by your cover in order to obtain the total price. Our policies are favorable to expats with more than one insured

4. Address, Phone number,…

For easier communication and service delivery, online health insurance will need your personal information.

This includes your name, phone number, address, email, bank account and identification documents like your passport, CIF, NIF or resident card. This is very sensitive information, therefore, we exercise confidentiality and we have invested in online safety. Rest assured your personal information is safe and secure with us.

5. Health questionnaire

After providing these details, an email questionnaire concerning your health history will be sent. In order for our policies to help you fully, you will need to answer the questionnaires honestly. The wrong health data will inconvenience us from giving our best.

6. Confirm!

The final stage is to confirm your chosen contract and wait for the online medical insurance confirmation. The confirmation message will have in-depth information about your policy.

This online health insurance is the quickest way to contract our policy. Each step is easy to understand and if there are any problems, you can always contact us or visit our office in Torremolinos for assistance.

We are here for you. In signing up for this health insurance, you can trust us to deliver and be there every step of the way. Let Sanitas take care of your health the way we know how.